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Solving Business Challenges

Looking For Answers As An
Industrial Business Owner Or Lender?
Wolf Industrial Advisors Has Them Covered..

Our  approach consolidates three essential elements of recovery:

  • Operational expertise

  • Management advice

  • Flexible funding

When we step in, we offer complete solutions – not just loans or mandates.

Learn more below. 

  • My manufacturing company is struggling. What are my options?
    The earlier you engage Wolf Industrial Advisors, the more options are available. Every company is different, and we approach each project individually. Our knowledge of a variety of industries, and the current market conditions for each, enable WIA to present a variety of options to companies and lenders, including: Complete plant acquisitions Purchase of specific assets including: Machinery and equipment Real Estate Accounts Receivable Intellectual Property Inventory Sale-leasebacks Guaranteed returns Inventory acquisition Liquidations Auction sales Combinations of elements to maximize value The earlier a company owner or lender involves WIA, the more options are available. We can structure flexible solutions that most banks can’t. In the current economic climate, professional guidance is essential. Learn how WIA can guide you through the process.
  • I’m a lender looking to close on certain loans. How can I help my customer and recover our investment?
    WIA has partnered with major banks, turnaround associations and their members, and other lenders to help them recover value from loans for more than 30 years. We can take on risk and avoid a “fire sale” situation that will recover less value. We can provide greater expertise specific to the borrower’s industry. And we can back it up with a checkbook. We are willing to take on those loans that may have become problematic and find alternative solutions for your client. Contact us today to discuss how we can help those tough loan situations.
  • I’m thinking of retiring from my manufacturing business. How do I wind down and plan for my employees and family?
    When the time comes to settle into your retirement, you need assurances. WIA can offer them, in the form of an outright purchase of your entire company, or of specific assets. Our partnerships and knowledge allow us to take on challenges on your behalf and guarantee you the maximum return on your lifelong investment. Getting WIA involved in advance of this life change allows us more time to find the best options for your specific situation, whether that’s to keep operating the business with new funding and management, or to connect with companies that can move forward with the employees, machinery, customers, ideas and inventory to which you’ve dedicated your career.
  • Can I save my employees’ jobs?
    Our top priority is to find a way to keep a business operating profitably whenever possible. The potential of selling a business as a go-forward operation decreases over time. When WIA is invited in anticipation of a change, it allows us to present the positives of the business to potential buyers. We have often invested in companies that continue operating with much of the original staff years after transition. We care about maintaining jobs and moving businesses forward when traditional lenders would rush to immediate sale.
  • How long will the process take?
    Short answer: Anywhere from 45 to 180 days. The main factors that contribute to project length are accessibility to the facility and the type of assets available. Ideally, with six months or more, WIA can invest early, create a competitive environment for potential buyers and maintain jobs and equity. In a shorter-term scenario, we can create a customized plan that fits the timeline. Contact us for a plan specific to your project.
  • I’m still operating my business, but I have machinery that I no longer need. How can I recover their value?"
    Perhaps a customer for whom you created a specific product is closing, or you’ve upgraded to a newer machine for certain runs. That used machine still holds value, and WIA can unlock it. WIA has bought and sold machines from every type of business. Our marketing expertise and relationships gives us the ability to find the buyer with the greatest need for that machine, whether it’s a plastic injection molder, a specialized metalworking machine, or a power generator. We’ve seen it all and we know how to get what it’s worth.
  • Do I need an appraisal?
    An independent appraisal is not necessary when you work with WIA. Avoid extra costs by bringing us in to evaluate your assets as part of our process. We are willing to back our valuation with cash in hand or guaranteed returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

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