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Acquisition Case Study: Struggling Bakery

Wolf Industrial Advisors (WIA) helps your businesses as a partner and guide through transitions. Wolf Industrial Advisors brings 30+ years of experience helping grow major companies around the world.

Founder Steve Wolf has overseen more than 1500 projects and recovered more than $2 billion in assets for clients. We help businesses grow, restructure or wind down, offering unique approaches that include both funding and operational support.

One of our clients, Penn Street Bakery and their sister company Savory Foods Fundraising, faced many challenges and financial struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic. The owner suffered from health complications and hospitalization due to coronavirus so the management team fell apart.

Sales began to drop drastically as there was no structure in place from lack of a management team and the banks began to worry that they would have to permanently close their doors.

Just in time to save the business and keep them from going under, Steve Wolf, founder of WIA, stepped in to fund and close the deal within only 5 days. In difficult times, Wolf Industrial has a solution.

Because of WIA’s knowledge, hard work and dedication to their mission, the business began to thrive and flourish. The team of employees quadrupled. They grew from 20 to 98 employees in just 6 months.

Production volume also quadrupled. Penn Street Bakery went from inconsistent orders to making and shipping out 80,000 cookies per day.

Penn Street Bakery and their sister company Savory Foods Fundraising now continue to expand and prosper because of WIA’s acquisition and network of industry knowledge.

Success stories like these are made possible through the expertise of WIA. With over 30+ years of experience helping businesses grow, we want to see you and your business thrive.

If your business is in need of help, don’t hesitate to reach out and get back on the right track. Contact Steve and schedule a consultation to learn more about how his expertise can work for your organization today.

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