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Acquisition Case Study: Steel Fabrication Plant

Wolf Industrial Advisors have over 30 years of experience in growing companies around the world. We are always looking for new businesses to acquire that need a helping hand.

That being said, it's no surprise when we heard from Genzink Steel. After years of trying to turn their family business around, the low margin profits and depleting market left them few choices. Their business was under-performing for some time and during 2021, amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, they reached out to Wolf Industrial Advisors for help.

Even in difficult times, Wolf Industrial Advisors can provide favorable working solutions. We purchased Holland based Genzink Steel and after infusing working capital and a new management staff. Critical receivable projects held up in production were completed and the company quickly got back on track.

We worked to find a buyer who ended up being in a different industry but the employees were hired on with the sale. The equipment was sold off and new technology brought in to cater to the new business market.

The new business model generated additional capital payoff delivering a complete win-win scenario by exceeding projections.

If your business is in need of help, don’t hesitate to reach out and get back on the right track. Contact Steve and schedule a consultation to learn more about how his expertise can work for your organization today.

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